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Entrepreneurship was thrust on the Virani brothers at a young age, when drought forced their father to sell ancestral agricultural land and give his sons a mere Rs. 20,000, with the advice to go forth and start a business. The road ahead saw Bhikhubhai, Chandubhai and Kanubhai fail at their first venture of fertilizers and then take up working at a boarding mess in Rajkot. Two years later, the brothers got associated with Astron Cinema and performed all necessary jobs with immense sincerity. This led the owner to offer them a profit sharing deal for running the canteen. The Viranis initially bought prepackaged snacks for patrons. Subsequently, the brothers got into sourcing unpackaged wafers and finally started making them themself at their residence.

This was their first own production and soon, the brothers decided to sell their product “Balaji Wafers” not just to the Astron visitors, but also to customers outside. This was easier said than done, due to a harrowing experience of half-eaten packets returned by shopkeepers and soiled notes being paid. However, the Viranis persisted and ultimately created a name that was so deeply respected, that it nearly wiped off all other competition. The moped, which carried the wafers to the market, soon gave way to an auto and then to a tempo taking financial support through a nationalized bank.

Realizing that the key to constant success and profits was quality, The brothers ensured that if cooks failed to show up, he personally made the wafers and insisted on the best quality raw material to make Balaji wafers a premium product. Taking inspiration from the bittersweet experiences in life, the Viranis went on to create different snacks that were then sold under the same brand name of ‘BALAJI’.

The key elements behind the phenomenal success of Balaji are the strong fundamental values of Virani brothers, which chiefly include “Trust, Passion and Steady Hard Work!”

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